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Your business website is like your address. Without this you cannot make it high in the professional life. However, before, you do anything with the website, there are a few things which you need to know about business website and its creation. If you think that the design of the website does not matter, you are mistaking. Read More
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It is equally important that you spend sufficient time, and enough efforts to find that perfect domain name which will be: 1.relevant based on the type of business it introduces, 2.memorable, 3.easy to memorize, 4. easy to spell, 5.unique
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250 g mentega
2 butir telur
1 butir bawang bombay, cincang halus
1 kaleng kecil korned beef (150g)
100 g keju edam parut
350 g tepung terigu, ayak
garam bila perlu
1 kuning telur, untuk megoles
1 sdm jintan, sangrai sebentar
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