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The Overhead filter press is used in many applications including: the chemical process, hazardous waste treatment, food processing, petroleum, mining & aggregate industries, and many others. They have become an efficient means of dewatering and offers the most advanced automation available today. They are the most operator friendly press out of all the filter presses. Read More
The transfer from Zurich to Saint Moritz is quite a long journey but because we love to outperform ourselves, we can safely say that the quality of the entire journey is so good at this moment that it refreshes our travelers rather than expend their energy. Read More
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You can transform a durable vintage crate with an interesting shade or design into a rustic beverage station. Secure a spoon, mug or wine glass holder to the bottom before hanging with the wall. It will help you organize various ketchup bottles and coffee mugs on the go. Read More
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