My name is Rayman Shakuri, i was born in San Diego, CA. I am 29 years old, and my birthday is Sept 1, 1985. My native language is English, and i have been an entrepreneur all my life. I’ve been in many businesses, but my main businesses are internet marketing, and real estate. I’m a licensed real estate agent, and i love helping people and seeing them be happy especially when you can put them in Read More
Bahkan lebih dari itu, Selain menawarkan jasa sewa bus wisata di Bandung, juga menawarkan Rental Mobil Bandung dengan supirnya yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk keperluan pribadi maupun untuk berwisata di kota Bandung. Beragam variasi paket wisata Bandung dengan banyak sekali pilihan tujuan tempat wisata di Bandung juga kami sediakan untuk Anda mulai dari 2 orang sampai berapapun banyaknya peserta, k Read More
Real Rose floral fragrance, rich, well-rounded and delicious. A luxurious perfume oil formulated with Moroccan Rose Oil picked at dawn from the heavenly pink town of El-Kelaa M'Gouna (Valley of the Roses) in Morocco. Hidden within the Oases of the Dad’s Valley and the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, El-Kelaa M'Gouna is famous for its annual sea of pink persian rose landscapes and rose oil. Read More
Narcissism is based on an inflated “false self”, which has developed as a result of a developmental arrest in childhood. As a child, he/she withdrew inwards and resorted to grandiose fantasies of being superior, special, perfectly loved, self sufficient and self important. This was to cover the vulnerability, self doubt and worthlessness that was at his/her core. To keep his grandiose “false se Read More
Relationships problems can be painful and confusing, negatively affecting the rest of your life. Very few of us have been taught how to have a good relationship. Most of us are doing the best we know how, but lack the knowledge on how to create a better relationship which we are helping here. Read More
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