Walnuts are one of the species of birds and how to treat them is not complicated, since most of the original feed is grain that can hold for a few months, and it is very menghemeat spending the Kenarimania, only a few times just for those who want to give the effect of protein namely to give him boiled eggs, quail eggs eggs can other poultry or eggs.
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Not always a bird in a healthy condition. Although not expected to occur, sometimes there are health problems experienced birds, including on your favorite Walnuts. One of the conditions that often or commonly occur in walnuts is his voice suddenly disappeared. It can occur in walnuts that have been diligently reads (gacor) and walnuts are being Read More
Canary is a bird that is considered easy to breed, with a nice looking and cross-bred sires to produce puppies of the same or even better than sires.

Once you have successfully mated walnuts and pulled the eggs much risk you have to face and preparation so that your efforts are not in vain.

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The rainy season is coming soon, even in some areas that it rained every day. The arrival of the rainy season is a blessing for everyone, because water is the source of life. Not so buddy kicaukan? But there are some things to look out for when the rains come, when the transition (the change from dry season to rainy season). Because when the Read More
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