Ilmuwan telah menemukan suatu bukti bahwa infeksi rertrovirus-lah yang menjadi faktor utama perkembangan otak terutama bagaimana gen-gen yang berkaitan dengan kapan dan gen manakah, terutama gen yang berkaitan dengan kecerdasan diregulasi dan diekspresikan. Read More
In a discussion with a Walnuts novice breeder, he complained of breeders who are reluctant to overfeed her about 2 weeks old. Tried loose itself (hand feeding), proved difficult. So that the chicks can not be saved. Died of starvation. What caused it ... ???

In our farms (AZoelis Bird Garden) had experienced the same thing about two years ago. When I was Read More
Lawu which is located on the border of Karanganyar, Central Java and Magetan, East Java save a million mystery.

Not only Lawu filled with mystery, building on the slopes of Mount Lawu even this is also shrouded in mystery.

Such as the existence of two ancient temples still be a series of mystery Lawu still got a lot of response from the local and foreign researchers.
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Sekaten activities Kraton Surakarta routinely held to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad could not be separated from the existence of gamelan.

Gamelan Kyai Guntur Madu and Gamelan Kyai Guntur Sari placed in the Grand Mosque after Asr sounded week and stopped before the maghrib.

One of the courtiers named Parmo (65) explained before in place in the Grand Mosque, the orchestra must Read More
Struktur dan fungsi reproduksi wanita adalah salah satu bagian yang membedakan anatomi tubuh wanita dan pria, selain payudara, panggul dan beberapa bagian lain. Disamping itu bagian ini dipelajari sebagai pijakan untuk mempelajari siklus menstruasi dan fertilisasi secara lengkap. Read More
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