Now it has entered the rainy season, when the rain began to fall continuously every day, the air temperature will be cold, damp because there is no scorching rays of the sun which warms the earth.

It is very necessary in the alert by pal Birds chirping, because the weather changes like this can affect the health of our pet birds, birds make less Read More
The canary is a bird that has a variety of types. Because of its kind that so much, the price is also very diverse ranging from cheap to very expensive. In addition, the price of canaries also go up and down depending on several factors. In Indonesia, there are many factors that affect the price of walnuts.

The origin of birds is the first factor. Local bird Read More
How to treat walnuts yorkshire / yokser may be quite difficult for beginners because the original habitat of these birds is not in Indonesia. Judging from the name alone discovered that these birds are coming from outside that is yorkshire, but after arriving in Indonesia name spoofed into yokser. To adapt to the tropical environment, the canary is trickier special care so that the beauty and hea Read More
There are many reasons why people get into debt such as credit card or store card debt or even debt after a death in the family. Getting into debt can be caused by an unforeseen event such as debt arising from disability, debt from ill health or injury or even debt from redundancy or loss of work. Some people have debt arising from divorce, separation or single parenthood.The key to solving your Read More
Ever heard of a walnut kicaukan pal spanish timbrado or Spanish Timbrado Canary? Probably not many people know, because of his popularity in Indonesia is still inferior to other types of walnuts. But walnut timbrado spanish is kind of a walnut that has two kestimewaan, namely the voice and posture.

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