Walnuts roller is also known by the name harzers as a descendant of German walnut developed in Hartz Mountains. Called roller because ngerol voice continued. When the sound of the birds did not ceasing issued various rhythms that tone varies greatly, from a high-pitched tone to low and melodious sound.

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Hai sobat kursus kapal pesiar. Nah kali ini, sobat akan disuguhkan informasi tentang kapal pesiar terunik di dunia.

Pasti penasaran dong ? dan pasti bikin sobat kursus kapal pesiar tercengang. Nah, langsung saja ke topik utama, kapal pesiar terunik di dunia :

1. Adastra : Dibangun oleh John Shuttleworth, Adastra adalah kapal belayar triple- hulled. Read More
Misteri melingkupi sebuah wilayah laut di dalam garis imajiner yang menghubungkan tiga wilayah yaitu Bermuda, Puerto Riko, dan Miami di Amerika Serikat.

Ada yang menyebutnya 'Segitiga Setan', 'Limbo the Lost', 'Twilight Zone', dan yang paling tenar adalah sebutan 'Segitiga Bermuda -- terinspirasi dari artikel Vincent Gaddis di Majalah Argosy. Read More
Walnuts AF Super is the name of the type canaries that has lineage of walnut Yorkshire. As we know, the kind of walnut walnut Yorkshire highly qualified import because it has a bigger body posture and a beautiful coat color and quality. Canary AF can be divided into five categories, namely F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5. The greater Read More
As a breeder birds, we'll often hear the terms of the local walnuts, import, AF, F1, F2, and so forth. Some hobbyists are still confused with the term "F" here. The term "F" can roughly be described as "offspring". When the "F1" yes means "descendant of unity", when the "F2" yes means "second degree", as well as the next. But other Read More
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